The Liability Insurance: protection against claims for compensation

A supplier or customer is injured on your company premises. A defective product causes damage to the property of a user … In the day-to-day operations numerous situations occur that can lead to claims for compensation for damage from third parties. The Liability Insurance for Companies (AVB) offers protection against such risks and thus protects the continuity of your company.

Liability insurance is essential for industrial companies. Something can happen at any moment that results in serious property damage and / or personal injury. For producers this applies in particular to the possible consequences of a defective product. Companies are then confronted with claims for compensation for damage. These claims can endanger the survival of your company. This also applies to a product that is recalled to prevent further cause or personal injury (Product Recall). HDI offers additional insurance against costs incurred for such a recall.

The insurance in short
Insurance against claims for compensation for property and / or personal injury up to an agreed insured amount. HDI assesses whether the claim is justified and ensures that it is settled.
Assessment of required insurance coverage based on the specific risk profile of your company.
Support in managing your risks. Part of the joint risk analysis is that we determine priorities and determine which risks can endanger the continuity of your company. We apply risk instruments and proven methodologies for further research. We also use the expertise of our risk engineers.
Why choose HDI?
Professional knowledge and practical experience
HDI has the expertise in-house for the guidance and handling of liability claims, also with regard to settling and mediation procedures.

Global and consistent liability coverage and compliance
Our international insurance programs take into account the specifics and requirements of individual countries and offer global insurance coverage for the global activities of your company.

Damage treatment
Expert support with complex claims
HDI has many years of experience in investigating and settling claims, including in regions where litigation is rapid, such as the United States of America. Major international claims are handled and settled by our own multilingual experts, possibly in collaboration with locally competent lawyers. HDI cooperates with a network of experts to analyze and evaluate claims. In the event of a claim, the insured can rely on our international claims handling and management system.

Risk Consulting
A combination of various risk analysis and assessment methodologies
Risk assessment instruments
We perform systematic risk analyzes thanks to sector-specific instruments. The continuous monitoring of the market, our broad claims experience and knowledge of different sectors form the basis for the risk assessment standards with which we work.

Network of experts
In complex situations we decide how we can best use our own and external experts. Expert specialists from different disciplines assess your specific risks.

Contact your insurance adviser for a discussion about your options.

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