How is the price of your car insurance determined?

10 factors that determine the price of your car insurance

Accident history: insurers used to look at your bonus-malus, now they ask about the number of claims you have had in the last 5 years. The more claims in error, the higher the price of your car insurance.

Age: a young driver will pay a lot for his car insurance because she or he has the most statistical chance of accidents. If you are older than 26 and have not yet suffered any damage, your premium will be cheaper. Older drivers will also pay more.

Place of residence: since your car insurance depends on where you live, your premium will be considerably higher if you live in Brussels. Insurers assume that you are more likely to have a claim in larger cities than, for example, in the countryside.

Power of your car: if your car has a high kilowatt, the price of your car insurance is higher. Because the risk of an accident with a fast car is greater, your insurer will take this into account.

Number of kilometers: if you travel a short distance, sometimes a discount is possible. That may be the case if you do not drive more than 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 km per year. A kilometer insurance can then be interesting.

Private or professional use: if you use your car for work, you will pay more. Do you only use it in your free time? Then that is interesting for your premium.

Value of your car: insurers take into account the amount that you paid for your car. Logical, because with damage the costs will also be higher.

Additional insurance: if you also want a full or mini-omnium on top of your civil liability insurance, you will of course pay more. Extra guarantees such as legal assistance, assistance or driver insurance also drive up the price.

Environmental friendliness of your vehicle: if you drive a hybrid or electric car, you will be rewarded for this by some insurers.

Driving assistance systems in your car: with some insurers you get a discount on your premium if your car has a blind spot warning, parking assistance, fatigue indicator, proactive speed limiter, route correction or an automatic

braking system in an emergency. These driver assistance systems reduce the risk of a claim.


How do you reduce the price of your car insurance?

Take a defensive driving course as a younger driver. Or choose the same insurer as your parents.

Choose a second-hand car or a car with a power below 75 kW.

Take a car that emits little CO2.

Do not take extras such as a fully comprehensive, (legal) assistance or driver’s insurance.

Make sure your car is in a closed private parking.

Ask if you can get a discount by bundling your insurance with the same insurer.


What if you only find a very expensive car insurance policy?

If you are refused by 3 different insurers or if you can only get car insurance at a very expensive price, there is the Tariferingsbureau. That will then determine a premium and insurance conditions based on the capacity of your car, age and damage history. Please note: the pricing office only offers a solution for the civil liability insurance, not for the supplementary insurance.

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